Animation Workshops

To my activities as animation film director and producer I held workshops for several clients (see list below or download a pdf-file with links to the workshop results). Ten to twelve participants (12 years of age and over) realize their own film and become acquainted with the production process of an animation film, which begins with the development of an idea and ranges from the shooting and animation procedure to the editing and sound design. report about the workshop ‚jugend creativ’ 2015

Workshop result 2015:
The Spinning Animation Workshop

In collaboration with the artist Maja Oschmann (co-director of VIRTUOSO VIRTUAL) I offer special workshops about the visualization of music.

The participants are drawing with charcoal, Japan brush, reed pen and black ink and express their emotions while listening to a self composed music. At a second step the attendees draw, model or photograph several movements as animated loops, which were inspired by the music.

Finally they present their animations like a performance with eight record players, live, alternating and synchronized to the music.

Past Workshops
Watch the results and reports below.

FOSBOS Straubing, during the celebration of '800 Years of Neustadt Straubing'

TV-Report (Donau-TV) (German)
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Video-Report (FOSBOS)(German)

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International Youth Creative Competition of the Federal Association of the German Volks- u. Raiffeisenbanken, Germany

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Academy of Film and Television, Munich, Germany

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Goethe Institution of Germany / The Royal Film Commission – Amman, Jordan

Academy of Art, Kassel, Germany

Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany

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Film Academy Ludwigsburg, Germany

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